Founded in 2014, Tuya is a leading IoT development platform in the world that delivers a full suite of IoT offerings including Platform-as-a-Service (“PaaS”), and Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) to businesses and developers.

Our mission is to build an IoT developer ecosystem and to enable everything to be smart.

IoT is fundamentally changing the world and creating enormous business opportunities. Our IoT PaaS offering enables businesses and developers to quickly and cost-effectively develop, launch, manage and monetize software enabled devices and services. Our Industry SaaS offering enables businesses to easily and securely deploy, connect, and manage large numbers and different types of smart devices. We also offer businesses, developers and end users a wide range of IoT development platform based value-added services to improve their ability to develop and manage IoT experiences.

Through our IoT development platform, Tuya has enabled developers to activate a vibrant IoT ecosystem of brands, OEMs, partners and end users to engage and communicate through a broad range of smart devices.

Our Investment Highlights

Pioneer and Global Leader of IoT Platform

Our first-mover advantage, scale and expertise allow us to partner with our customers to help them develop software that differentiates their products, thereby gaining significant IoT mindshare with our customers.

Open and End-to-end IoT Development Platform

We have built an open and fully integrated IoT development platform that provides businesses and developers across the world with lifecycle services and enable them to build and manage applications effectively by taking care of the remaining complexity.

Thriving Ecosystem with Powerful Network Effects

We have established a thriving ecosystem of brands, OEMs, developers, partners and end users on our platform due to powerful network effects. Our platform provides an open architecture to connect any device from any brand, while enabling users to manage all devices across brands through a single portal.

Differentiated Technology and Data Capabilities

We fully leverage our cutting-edge technology to enable our customers to have better developing experience, and help them better serve end users.